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We founded MIANN in 2018 to challenge tired gender norms around skincare and provide transparency in how skincare products are made. We take inspiration from uncommon ingredients and formulate potent, natural skincare for the modern man. 

Traveling throughout Asia introduced us to a complex diversity of quality skincare products but little in the way of guidance. We saw an opportunity in bringing the best ingredients and practices from Asia’s skincare innovations in a simple and straightforward way. We did the reading, asked the questions, sourced the purest raw materials, then sought eco-certified manufacturers to bring our exacting formulations to fruition while remaining paraben-free, cruelty free, and eco-friendly. 

We will grow this company by staying committed to high quality, small batch skincare products, transparent pricing, and by skipping excessive marketing budgets to reinvest in the product: your healthy, happy skin.

Until then, we’re excited for you to try our flagship face mask.