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What is a sheet mask and how does it work?
Sheet masks are nutrient rich serum delivery applicators made from cotton fibers or gel paired with nutrient rich combinations of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, or plant-based extracts.

MIANN formulas are made water soluble so they’re easily absorbed by the skin while the mask material prevents quick evaporation and allows for maximum absorption. Our sheet masks are superior to paste-type facial masks which can leave skin feeling dry and necessitate further washing. 

Use them once, pat and massage in excess serum, and you’re done!

Where did sheet masks originate from?
Sheet masks originated in Japan and South Korea’s highly innovative skincare industry. While use of sheet masks continues to rise in other markets, mask use is increasingly common in the United States. Recent study on American skin care consumer trends suggests mask use increased 60% in the last year, alone.

What are the benefits?
Sheet masks deliver serum faster and with less mess than traditional paste-type face masks which leave skin feeling dry.

Is this all I need to improve my skin?
Sheet masks deliver nutrients and hydration, but they don’t exfoliate or clear away dead skin cells. This is why we suggest scrubbing your face beforehand. Sheet masks are a great step in your skincare routine, but they aren’t a fix-all.

What ingredients are used in the serum?
The exact formulas used in sheet masks vary depending on your skincare needs. Serums can be targeted to treat redness, dryness, brightening, inflammation, eye circles. Each concern is met with relevant ingredients and formula.

What’s great about MIANN’s sheet masks?
MIANN’s committed to all natural and eco-certified ingredients, focusing on plant based fibers and serums devoid of harsh chemicals both in manufacturing and the finished product. The result is a 100% natural fiber sheet mask that outperforms competing masks by orders of magnitude while remaining breathable, secure to your face, and environmentally friendly.